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Contact person: Professor Jieli Li, USCS Secretary General, Ohio University, USA
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Council Chairman's Message
Dear USCS Members, Colleagues, and Friends:
   At the beginning of the 2016 Chinese New Year, I wish to thank all of you for trusting me to be the Council Chair of the United Societies of China Studies (USCS)! As the 2015-2017 President of the Chinese Historians in the U.S. (CHUS), one of the eight affiliated organizations in USCS, I’m ready to take the new responsibilities and challenge to lead our association into a new year.
    I also wish to thank Dr. Changming Duan for her hard work as the Council Chairperson during the past two years, and thank the directors, chairpersons, and presidents of the other affiliated associations and five scholarly institutions for their collegial and organizational support. My special appreciation goes to the USCS Advisory Board, including Drs. Junhao Hong, Shiping Hua, Guoqing Li, Jieli Li, and Yawei Liu, who have made USCS one of the best academic associations both in America and in China through their continuing and selfless efforts since 2006.
    The future does, indeed, look bright for USCS. The energy, talent, and commitment that exist in our organization are second-to-none. I’ll work with all of you and focus our efforts on the following areas:
    First of all, we will carry on the previous chairs’ effort to expand our membership and developnew revenues through foundations, corporate, and individual donors, grants, and projects. We’ll have discussion on our fundraising and other on-going issues.
    Secondly, I’ll work with the current eight member organizations and five member institutes to strengthen the communication, coordination, and joint programs. I’m planning a USCS business meeting at the ACPSS annual conference in October 2016 at Denver, CO. I’m looking forward to meeting many leaders and executives from our affiliated organizations and institutions.
    Thirdly, I’ll work with the board to recruit more professional and academic organizations of China Studies into the USCS membership. We’ll increase our contacts with other scholarly and professional associations. We’ll continue to work with the universities and academies in China, the United States, Canada, and Taiwan.
    The last, but not the least, we’ll maintain the excellence and visibility of USCS through our projects, joint conferences, website, and publications. We’re planning to publish one USCS book every year in 2016-2018.
    I welcome your responses and suggestions to this way of formulating our priorities for the next year. I’m excited to serve USCS and am looking forward to working with you to reach our goals.
    Once again, thank you all for your trust and support and I wish everyone a successful beginning of the New Year!
Xiaobing Li
University of Central Oklahoma